Flipbook Photo Booth  

With the Flipbook you can turn a series of photos into a traditional old fashioned flipbook. Unlike a regular photo, the Flipbook Photo Booth takes a series of pictures in order to create a good ole' fashioned, motion activated flipbook. Since motion is the key, it's best if you could find a way to act something out and be creative. After you're done the images will start printing and your operator will cut and staple them for you with your custom cover. 

Flipbook Photobooth Toronto

Flipbook knowledge base

  • Print approx. 30 flipbooks/hr. with 1 printer*
  • Print approx. 60 flipbooks/hr. with 2 printers*
  • Fast and simple binding - Each book can be printed, cut and bound in as little as 90 seconds*
  • Flipbook are durable, water resistant, and contain high quality images from a DSLR camera
  • Green screen support - great for themed events. Flipbooks can also operate with a green screen, combining two great features into one

*These are not exact times, but approximations. 


  • 1 printer - Starting at $375/hr.
  • 2 printers - Starting at $450/hr.

*Flipbook rates depend on the amount of people at an event so contact us for more details.*