Do you get what you pay for with a photo booth rental?

You hear it all the time in this industry “you get what you pay for”. It’s so ubiquitous that you can hear it in different contexts whether it’s said by a photo booth manufacturer or a photo booth rental service, but the context is always the same. They’re attempting to defend themselves after their pricing strategy comes into question. You hear it a lot in this industry, and it’s a terrible response, and here are my thoughts on why:


It’s not the best response for customer service

It’s unfortunate that this phrase is said so many times in this business because It’s not the best customer service response. Usually it's said as a response to a potential customer that questions a photo booth operators pricing strategy. There are better ways to defend pricing strategy by reinforcing your features, benefits, and value. This phrase either directly, or indirectly, puts down the competition by implying that a lower price can only mean an inferior product or service, and while that’s possible, it's not a guarantee. There’s a wide range of offerings at different price points in this industry, and the level of service can be good, or bad. 


Pricing strategy in this industry is arbitrary and inconsistent

The Photo Booth industry is like any trade in the event services industry, whether it’s photography or DJ’ing. Service providers set arbitrary prices according to what they can and want to make…But make no mistake about it, you could very well pay a lot for a sub-par product/service, and in my opinion, it happens much more than it would in many other consumer industries where you could confidently say you can “you get what you pay for”.


What are you paying for?

Everyone in this business falls under the textbook definition of a “small business”. There’s such a varying range of styles, features, and prices, and without a concrete industry benchmark, it’s difficult to to know who sets the standard. 

Everyone that has a photo booth rental service usually has access to the same gear or sources to either buy or build a photo booth. However, custom builds tend to be the most unique. After you get past the product/service offering, the only way to distinguish yourself is through service…But everyone claims to offer the best service, and do they really if they respond with “you get what you pay for”?


It’s a blanket statement, which only tells a one-sided story

…And blanket statements are often untrue. Ever heard the one about bad publicity? People usually say that sarcastically, to make someone feel better, but sometimes people use it literally. Meanwhile, there are countless stories of how bad publicity has cost some businesses a lot of money. In this business, it’s possible to end up with something great, for less money, or pay a lot and get something bad. 

Go with your gut. Shop around. Look at the features. Get some quotes and go with a company that speaks to you. For more info